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All about tow truck insurance requirements in Oklahoma

First of all, let’s start with someone who does not need to file tow truck insurance with the Oklahoma Congress Commission. If you don’t, in which case you only need to meet the city and state requirements, that would be 500,000, combined single limit, for auto liability insurance Tulsa. The second category would be garage liability. This is a general liability policy, covering your business. Let’s say, for example, as we go to do a tow, the vehicle could perhaps fall off the lift, and hurt someone standing next to you. That would be covered under the $500,000, or half million dollar limit for liability, or what we call progressive trucking insurance garage liability. The third part would be car-on-hook coverage. This protects the actual vehicle that you’re towing. So, in the event that you’re hooked up to a vehicle, take a right turn and cut it too close.

The car that you’re towing, smashes into another car. The vehicle that you damaged, that would be covered under your liability portion. However, the vehicle that you are towing, the damage to that vehicle would be covered under the car-on-hook coverage. So, again, these three tow truck insurance coverage’s are mandatory in order to get your plates. Separately from that, you could have a situation, where you need an ICC authority. For those towing companies that are required to carry ICC that would be primarily for re-locators or people who do repossession of cars, you are required to carry 750,000 dollar limits in order to satisfy the Oklahoma Congress Commission filing.

Here again, you’d have a garage liability policy insurance in Tulsa, which would have to match those higher limits of 750,000. The car-on-hook coverage would be 25,000 minimum, also. Keep in mind, at any point, you could get higher limits if you chose, but these are the limits that are required in order for you to get your tow truck plates..